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...and the greatest of these is LOVE

When you make a donation to Acres of Hope, you are actually giving the  greatest gift of all… You are giving the gift of the LOVE of Jesus Christ!  We are simply overwhelmed by your generosity on Giving Tuesday!  Because of your LOVE, we together raised $54,000! 

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The Final Countdown

to AOH School Certification and the P7 Final Exams

Our Goal: Acres of Hope Primary School certification through the Ugandan Ministry of Education.

$180,000 By Oct. 2020, Matching Funds up to $25,0000

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Thank you! Because of you, the Acres of Hope Primary School is well on the way to becoming certified by the Ugandan Ministry of Education. This means that 400 students will have a place filled with love and the holy spirit in which to obtain academic excellence and purpose! Try right now to picture the students in a real classroom!

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Elly – An Acres of Hope Success Story

Elly’s father died when Elly was in primary school, leaving his mother with 6 children to care for. This left Elly with little hope for a future. Elly’s mother and eldest sister worked hard to allow Elly to stay in school and finish Primary 7 at Namthin Primary School. Elly also worked very hard in a school where the student-teacher ratio was over 100:1.

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