Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship brings life changing differences to orphaned and vulnerable children in Northern Uganda. You have the power to change a life! Their prayers are simple: school fees, food, shoes, the love of a family. Sponsors develop a long-term relationship with a child through pictures, letters and even visits to Acres of Hope when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Acres of Hope International ensure that my support actually benefits the child I sponsor?

Acres of Hope International reviews the books of Acres of Hope Uganda every quarter. We are in weekly contact with the staff of Acres of Hope Uganda and monitor closely the activities in Uganda. Additionally, we visit Uganda at least once every year to review progress from the previous year and discuss in detail the budget for the coming year.
Please note that the money sent for sponsorship does not go into individual bank accounts for individual children. Rather, Acres of Hope Uganda uses one account to insure the needs of all sponsored children are met. Your child will be cared for according to the high standards set for all Acres of Hope Uganda children.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

The cost is only $50 per month and provides School Fees, School Supplies, Uniforms, Shoes, Food, Clean Water, Shelter and Health Care.

If I must discontinue my child sponsorship, what happens to the child I'm helping?

If you need to discontinue your child sponsorship, we will immediately look for a new sponsor for your child. Your child will remain a part of the Acres of Hope community while we find a new sponsor. In the interim, a discontinued sponsorship creates a financial strain on Acres of Hope so advance notice is always appreciated. You can discontinue your child sponsorship at any time.

What our Sponsors Say

I wasn't sure what to expect when arriving in Uganda for the first time. I quickly realized that these are special people, unlike any other. Acres of Hope is a light in the dark and I am so excited to not only continue working with Geoffrey, but also sweet Priscilla. I connected with her from the beginning and felt led to sponsor her. I can wait to watch her grow and see how the Lord works in her life. This is only the beginning!

Kati, Northway Church, Texas

Saying our goodbyes was definitely the hardest part of the entire trip. It was even more difficult because Samson was really struggling with me leaving. It is truly amazing the bond that you build with a child that you sponsor. For that child, you are their family. You will never be able to understand how important you are to that child. Many tears were shed as we drove away for the last time.

Derek, KS

Being a sponsor of Yona is more than just about money, it is about making a difference and offering hope. It is about the love between us, through letters we offer each other words of encouragement, love, and prayers.

Pat, West UMC, NC