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The New High School Building Looks Good!

    The foundation for half of the Secondary/High School building is complete! This is an enormous project but so necessary. Students who complete Secondary school in Uganda have many more options for becoming self-sustaining, productive adults, but only about 15% of  Ugandans students complete Senior 6, the final year of high school. If you, or a group you are involved with, would like to help build this school, please visit: Acres of Hope International (

    High School Under Construction

    Your Child Would Love to Hear From You!

    We have a few groups travelling to Uganda this summer and we would love to deliver handwritten notes and pictures to every sponsored child. If you would like to thrill your child with a card or letter and pictures of your friends and family, please mail them to:

    Acres of Hope, PO Box 5313, Mooresville, NC 28117 by 

    June 1 if possible but not later than July 1.

    Term 1 is Complete!

    The first term of the 2024 school year is coming to a close. The children will be on holiday until May 20. We ask you to pray for all of the children and Acres of Hope staff, keeping the Primary 7, Senior 4 and Senior 6 students especially close to your heart. These students will be sitting for exams in November that determine their progression to further levels of education. 

    Primary 7
    Senior 4
    Senior 6